Sleeve for direct casting

تماس بگیرید

Sleeves are pre-made forms of auxiliary feedings, which by delaying the freezing time, lead to an increase in feeding efficiency compared to moss feedings and termite feedings. The use of auxiliary feeds increases the casting efficiency of parts, reduces cleaning costs, eliminates shrinkage defects, etc.

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The above sleeves, which are used together with the filter, perform the process of filling the mold chamber (Filling), molten filtration (Filtration) and feeding (Feeding) together by removing the channel system of the part. In the design of parts for direct casting, the efficiency of casting increases and the costs of casting, grinding and molding are significantly reduced.

Capacity (dm3)D2 (mm)d2 (mm)H (mm)D1 (mm)d1 (mm)ME (cm)MG (cm)DPU
0.4321023815395662.011.2650 ∅ DPU
0.91213058175122882.641.6570 ∅ DPU
1.749150752101401103.312.0690 ∅ DPU
3.7641901052501801474.362.73125 ∅ DPU

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